Food Preservations

The Ticket To All Events At Beit Sarmada Is A Jar Of Mouneh

From Mouneh We Make Art

The farmers and women acknowledged themselves as part of the art production! Mouneh jars were to generate money to maintain Sarmada, by being tickets to our events!

“From mouneh we are making art.” Sarmada Creates circles of sustainable work economically, socially, and environmentally in the locality of Batloun, Chouf.  Sarmada also targets the decline in the knowledge of our cultural heritage – the practices thereof and the passing of knowledge from generation to generation – even in villages most associated with the traditional ways of being. As of the collocation of art, environmental awareness and action, and local business, grounded in traditional culture, is essential to provide a prototype of how we can create sustainable community systems, socially, economically and environmentally – a microcosm of how we can imagine change in Lebanon to be.  Mounet Beit Sarmada provides a safe, community space for women to gather around the practice of making mouneh (presently with little other options than staying in their homes)and supports local organic farmers (both by providing assurance for the purchase of their produce in advance and providing workshops of sustainable agriculture).