Sarmada's Annual Festival

Last Summer Days

اخر ايام الصيفية

The annual festival is a three day summer closing festival that happens yearly at Sarmada! It starts with a Hike from Beit Sarmada to Batloun river, during which guests meet and interact, take a tour in the botanical garden, prior to departure, where they get to know the different plant species found in our environment, thus treating them differently when encountered on the trail.

After the hike people get back to Sarmada house to enjoy the rest of the program, a mouneh and craftsmen market, mostly for women and men to display and sell their handmade goods!

As beautiful local women and men sit with pride behind their stands the entertainment program kicks off! Popular musicians, bands, poets… get on Sarmada’s stage, and local hidden talents can get in direct contact with professionals. Closing with an Open Mic experience, where talents are granted the stage to freely express themselves and share their not hidden anymore talents!

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