Biet Sarmada

Sarmada House

Why This House?

The historic value of the chosen space has haunted us, and we believed it is our responsibility to revive its’ significance!

Sarmada house was built between 1910 and 1920; served as the residence of the first mayor (1920-1940), right after the Ottoman Empire. After that the space was set off to serve as the first school (1940-1965), we cannot help but mention that it was the first turn up from the learning under an oak tree to learning in a building! The school involved only one educator for all, what was beyond special, having no academic books by then, the adopted learning book was The Bible! All sects were unified to study the Bible and learn reading and writing through it!

After so, the house served as the municipality (1998-2004), with the first record number registration! Do we need any extra reasons to choose it as our home? We suppose not! Our goal is to preserve and revive it as an eco-friendly public space, and the first cultural, artistic, and environmental communal space in the Chouf area, where we lack public interactive spaces, which makes it a breather getaway space for locals and visitors of chouf.

Sarmada house consists of a botanical garden, a multi-use ballroom, academic and artistic. A backyard, where guests meet and unite over retro feels and traditional games, Backgammon, chess boards, decks and much more!  As it becomes a space to exchange stories memories and conversations, bridging the gap between generations, authenticating the youth and entertaining and appreciate the elders. Beit Sarmada also has a room for a manifold of traditional artifice, clay, wood, ceramics and much more, to bring back to life our workmanship expertness  and most importantly encourage the youngsters to hand work!


Beit Sarmada, Old Municipality Building, Batloun, Al Chouf


Phone No

+961 3 691384